Exterior Painting in Colorado
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Exterior Painting with Sherwin Williams

A quality exterior paint job will restore the beauty of your property while protecting it for many years. Your property is most likely your biggest investment, so protect it! In a dry climate with all seasons, Colorado  homes need to be re-painted as the year go on. Your home projects can be complex and daunting tasks to take on by yourself. Jobs often require the use of expensive equipment and tall ladders, which can be dangerous to operate alone. As experienced exterior house painters, we have all of the proper equipment and know how to make sure your project turns out just the way you want it.

Our Full Service Exterior Painting Process Includes:

Our Owner Workers Exterior Painting Provides

  • Protection of flowers/ bushes
  • Complete removal of chipping paint
  • Sanding and cleaning of exposed wood
  • Replacement of damaged boards
  • Filling of gaps and cracks
  • Application of Economy to premium grade paints
  • Final walk around with owner and touch ups if needed

How to Paint Home Exteriors

How to Build Scaffolding

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